Join us in beautiful Montréal, Canada from June 19-22, 2019 for the 2nd International Combined Meeting of Orthopaedic Research Societies.

Registration Now Open for 2019 Annual Meeting - Pre-register by May 3!

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COA Membership Dues & Annual Meeting Registration Fees

1. Do I qualify for free Annual Meeting registration?

In order to be eligible for the waived pre-registration fees, you must already be an Active member (practicing in Canada) in good standing of the COA.  Your 2019 Active membership dues invoice, as well as any other outstanding past invoices, must be paid in full prior to registering for the meeting.

2. Do Members living in the US or overseas qualify for the same benefit?

No.  Active International members instead pay considerably reduced membership dues and are asked to pay an Active International member registration fee to attend the Annual Meeting.

3. Which fees are waived?

The pre-registration fees for Active members are waived when all outstanding dues invoices are paid in your account.  Fees for registrations processed after the May 4 pre-registration deadline, as well as for onsite registrations, apply regardless if you have already paid your membership dues or not.  Optional labs, workshops, social event tickets and tours are offered at an additional fee.

4. When do I have to register by?

You must register for the meeting within the pre-registration period in order to have your pre-registration fees waived.  Registrations processed after the May 3 pre-registration deadline and onsite will incur registration fees.

5. When I registered for the meeting, why do I still have a balance owing? I thought I qualified for free registration?

You may have a balance owing at the end of the registration process for various reasons.  Review the possibilities below along with your meeting registration summary to determine why charges are being applied to your registration.

  • Did you register for the meeting prior to the May 3 pre-registration deadline? Registrations processed after this date include fees.
  • Did you select any additional labs, workshops, social events or tour tickets? These optional events include additional fees at all times (even during the pre-registration period).
  • Are you sure the system knows who you are? This is very likely the most common reason why you have a balance owing.  If you are a member of the COA, you already have a profile within the registration system, even if you have never attended an Annual Meeting in the past.  Do not create a profile when you register for the meeting – you only need to log in to your existing profile.  If you created a new profile, the system is not recognizing you as an Active member and is applying fees to your registration.  Use the “forgot password” link to reset your profile’s password or contact Lexie Bilhete: to obtain your login.  Your Annual Meeting registration login is the same login you use when paying your membership dues.

6. How long can I take advantage of this benefit?

Paying your 2019 dues invoice, as well as any outstanding past membership dues invoices, qualifies you for free pre-registration fees for the 2019 COA & ICORS Annual Meeting.  In order to be eligible for the same free pre-registration benefit for the 2020 Annual Meeting, you must first settle your 2020 membership dues invoice when issued next year.

7. Do the other membership categories get the same free pre-registration benefit?

Associate members (member residents and fellows) also have their Annual Meeting pre-registration fees waived as part of their membership benefits.  Associate members must also register prior to the May 3 pre-registration deadline in order to qualify for the waived fees.  Optional lab, workshops, social event tickets and tours are offered at an additional fee.

Active International, International Affiliate, Senior and Research Affiliate members of the COA are required to pay registration fees for the Annual Meeting.  Pre-registration, registration and onsite fees apply.  These membership categories are encouraged to register during the pre-registration period to take advantage of the reduced rates.

8. I am not yet a COA member. Can I join now and still get the free pre-registration benefit in time to register for the 2019 Annual Meeting?

Active Member Candidates: If you an actively practicing orthopaedic surgeon working in Canada who is not currently a member of the COA:

  • Complete a COA Membership Application form and submit to prior to May 3.
  • Wait for an email notification from the COA with your web site login coordinates and instructions how to pay your 2019 membership dues invoice.
  • Pay your 2019 membership dues invoice in full before May 3 and proceed with registering for the Annual Meeting at no charge.
  • At this time you are still considered a candidate member with membership pending and your application requires review and approval by the Membership Committee. An official confirmation of your Active membership status will be forthcoming after your application is considered by the Membership Committee.

Associate Member Candidates: If you are a resident or fellow who is not currently a member of the COA:

  • Complete a COA Membership Application form and submit to prior to May 3.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a notification e-mail within 5 business days confirming your Associate Member status.
  • You should then register for the Annual Meeting in the Associate Member category prior to the May 3 pre-registration deadline.

9. What if I don’t go to the Annual Meeting every year?

Even if you attend an Annual Meeting once every three years, you are still gaining value.  Early bird registration fees for Active members were previously $550, while the regular registration rates were $700.  Your $985 Active membership dues payment will now cover your pre-registration fee for the given year’s meeting.

Contact Lexie Bilhete: / 514 874-9003 x6 with any questions.

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