Laurie penny crypto cruise

laurie penny crypto cruise

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Laurie Penny wrote an article in about a 4 day crypto cruise. That sounded hellish enough. Imagine having to live there. posted by. Laurie Penny spends four days on a boat confronting the archetypal story of �man vs. blockchain.� by michelleweber December 12, Plenty of thought leaders in crypto were not on this cruise. It's Except she's Laurie Penny who has been an extremely active anti-men.
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Apparently I have accidentally overheard some sort of cryptocurrency related super-secret business deal going down. It seems to me that shshhdhs is only complaining about the authors political views with regards to this cruise, because they are incompatible with shshhdhs's views of the same, and that shshhdhs is making the statement that crypto- is more the domain of drug-dealers, etc. A notion of seasteading seemed just the thing On the scummiest vessel I'd ever seen God damn them all! He finds our table and plonks himself down in the middle of some choice shit-talking, annexing Donna with his body. Please turn on JavaScript or unblock scripts.